'90s Dude Bands

'90s Dude Bands

Where are they now?

Last week, I started a post about alternative dude rock from the ‘90s that aren’t really popular anymore. My three examples didn’t even begin to cover the scope of these were-cool bands. Here’s the continuation.

Alternative dude rock was the thing in the ‘90s. The guys in these bands usually had long, stringy hair and wore flannel in-and-outside Seattle, singing songs about lost love or broken hearts or drugs. The songs were usually epic ballads, sung with lyrical simplicity on top of angst-ridden chords. We loved it.

But where did these bands go? Even the biggest of them seemed to fall to the wayside as soon as 2000 came around. And that’s saying nothing about the imitators and the one-hit wonders. Let’s take a look at some of the ‘90s biggest bands, their hits and what happened to them in the fateful ‘00s.

Barenaked Ladies. Barenaked Ladies' exuberant pop-rock and quirky lyrics represented the positivity and upbeat mid-90s. They were churning out all kinds of hits like "If I Had $1,000,000", which playfully considers the perks of being rich, and "The Old Apartment," which reminisces about an old girlfriend. Original member Stephen Page--the lead singer with the glasses--split on bad terms with the band in 2009, but BNL still continues to tour, release albums and--to Page's dismay--sing their greatest hits.

Semisonic. Minneapolis-formed band Semisonic created the song "Closing Time," which signals last call at bars all across the United States. They also recorded the hits "Secret Smile" and "Singing in My Sleep," along with recording two successful albums. The band's last recording was way back in 2001, and the band is on a indefinite--and probably permanent--hiatus as of 2006. At least they will always be called to mind--bitterly--when we have to put down that last beer and go home.

Savage Garden. Australian duo Savage Garden, formed in 1994, was slick and boy band-like before those glamorous aspects of the music industry were in vogue. They climbed the billboard charts with cat-like singing and gushing and lovey songs like "I Knew I Loved You Before I Met You," about imagining a perfect girl (or boy) before that person came into one's life, and "Truly Madly Deeply" about getting down in various natural locales. The band split up in 2001 when Darren Hayes decided to pursue a solo career. Hayes has done well for himself, releasing four studio albums.

What were your favorite bands from the 1990's? Are they still working together?