Madonna’s 41st Chart Topping Number One Hit

Madonna’s 41st Chart Topping Number One Hit

Madonna has been lighting up the Billboard music charts all over again with her Dance/Club Play song called, “Give Me All Your Luvin”, that will jump from number two to number one in the coming music chart set release March 31st and this will be posted on the website this coming Thursday March 22nd.  The personal achievement of Madonna has given her a number one chart topping hit for four consecutive decades such as the ‘80s, ‘90s, ‘00s, and ‘10s. Madonna has managed to beat out Janet Jackson who has 19 chart topping hits.  “Luvin” (featuring Nicki Minaj, M.I.A.) is the first song off of Madonna’s album, “MDNA”.  Other popular artists featured on her album are LMFAO, Laidback Luke and Nicky Romero.  Additional chart topping singles off of her MDNA album,”Girl Gone Wild,” on the Dance/Club Play chart, and it will jump from number 46 all the way up to 20 in the coming week. 

Madonna has been in action for more than thirty years ago.  In chronological order here are Madonna’s 41 number one hits within the Dance/Club Play chart topper songs.

“1983, "Holiday/Lucky Star" (five weeks; double-sided chart single) 
1984, "Like a Virgin" (three weeks) 
1985, "Material Girl" 
1985, "Angel/Into the Groove" (double-sided chart single) 
1987, "Open Your Heart" 

1987, "Causing a Commotion (Remix)" 
1988, "You Can Dance (LP Cuts)" 
1989, "Like a Prayer" (two weeks) 
1989, "Express Yourself" (three weeks) 
1990, "Keep It Together" 

1990, "Vogue" (two weeks) 
1991, "Justify My Love" (two weeks) 
1992, "Erotica" 
1993, "Deeper and Deeper" 
1993, "Fever" 

1994, "Secret" (two weeks) 
1995, "Bedtime Story" 
1997, "Don't Cry for Me Argentina" 
1998, "Frozen" (two weeks) 
1998, "Ray of Light" (four weeks) 

1999, "Nothing Really Matters" (two weeks) 
1999, "Beautiful Stranger" (two weeks) 
2000, "American Pie" 
2000, "Music" (five weeks) 
2001, "Don't Tell Me" 

2001, "What It Feels Like for a Girl" 
2001, "Impressive Instant" (two weeks) 
2002, "Die Another Day" (two weeks) 
2003, "American Life" 
2003, "Hollywood" 

2003, "Me Against the Music," Britney Spears featuring Madonna (two weeks) 
2004, "Nothing Fails" 
2004, "Love Profusion" 
2005, "Hung Up" (four weeks) 
2006, "Sorry" (two weeks) 

2006, "Get Together" 
2006, "Jump" (two weeks) 
2008, "4 Minutes," Madonna featuring Justin Timberlake & Timbaland (two weeks) 
2008, "Give It 2 Me" 
2009, "Celebration" 

2012, "Give Me All Your Luvin'," Madonna featuring Nicki Minaj & M.I.A.” Madonna to Score 41st No. 1 on Dance/Club Play Songs.