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R.I.P Alex Chilton

Singer, guitarist, songwriter, genius, very influential artist, Alex Chilton has died. He was fifty nine. The cause of death -- an apparent heart attack. He died at a hospital in New Orleans on March 17th. (The Associated Press)

In the 1960s, while a teen, Alex Chilton began his career as the vocalist for the psychedelic rock group, the Box Tops. He had big hit songs. The No #1 song "The Letter" in 1967; other hits were "Soul Deep" and "Cry Like a Baby." In the 1970s, he moved on and founded the group Big Star, and made critically acclaimed music.  He became a  major influential figure in the world of popular music and a favorite with other  musicians, but lacked the huge commercial success of his days as a member of the Box Tops.

RIP Alex Chilton 1950-2010